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Collaborating to End Trafficking Globally

Make Your Mark in History

Thank you for joining the community of Nailvember and helping to end trafficking globally! 

We are collaborating with leading organizations to dismantle trafficking from every angle through

Prevention, Education, Intervention, Rescue, Rehabilitation, Reintegration, Litigation, and Survivor Support.

It is exciting to collaborate with some of the greatest anti-trafficking organizations from around the world and have a percentage of incoming donations go to them to help eradicate trafficking, so that we can end slavery.


International Saints and Abolitionists

Prevention, Education, and Intervention

ISA equips the saints to be abolitionists. ISA assists the christian community to end sex trafficking through education, prevention, and intervention. Nailvember emerged from a desired pursuit to inspire and educate. The core of ISA's efforts are to bring fresh ideas and passion to eliminate sex trafficking.

Agape International Missions

Prevention, Intervention, Rescue, Rehabilitation, Reintegration, Survivor Support

Agape International Missions works holistically to end trafficking by protecting girls, rescuing the exploited, and empowering survivors. AIM has rescued individuals from child sex trafficking, organ trafficking, baby trafficking, international bride trafficking, labor trafficking, and domestic slavery in Cambodia and Belize.

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Rescue Freedom

Prevention, Intervention, Rescue, Rehabilitation, Reintegration, Survivor Support

Rescue Freedom International exists to empower the rescue and restoration of those in sexual slavery and to prevent exploitation. Through an expanding network, they are changing lives and communities across 21 countries.

National Center on Sexual Exploitation

Prevention, Education, and Litigation

Exposing all the connections between all forms of sexual exploitation. NCOSE has a proven track record of changing corporate and government policies that previously facilitated sexual exploitation.

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Exodus Cry

Prevention, Education, Intervention, Litigation, Survivor Support

Exodus Cry is abolishing sex trafficking and breaking the cycle of commercial sexploitation while assisting and empowering its victims. Exodus Cry works to shift culture with powerful messaging through their film Nefarious that reaches millions.  They achieve their international mission through 3 initiatives: Shifting Culture, Changing Laws, and Reaching Out. 

National Trafficking Sheltered Alliance

Rehabilitation, Reintegration, and Survivor Support

The National Trafficking Sheltered Alliance is a network of service providers committed to enhancing services and increasing access to care for survivors of human trafficking and sexual exploitation.

NTSA transaprent color.png

Operation Underground Railroad

Intervention, Rescue, and Rehabilitation

O.U.R. exists to rescue children from sex trafficking and sexual exploitation. They rescue children from slavery, assist law enforcement, and place survivors on a path to recovery by partnering with vetted aftercare providers. They are operating in 21 countries including the U.S.

Collaborating: Get Involved

A Trafficked Survivor

“With support from programs such as Nailvember, we are fighting against sex trafficking and fighting for freedom. Freedom for those that are being sex trafficked. You are taking a huge step in the fight and maybe even asking how can we help? Well, now you can. Join us…”

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