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Thirty Seconds

Every thirty seconds a person enters into trafficking... 

Thirty seconds...worldwide... by the time you finish reading this blog, already multiple victims will have been pulled into the darkness and coerced to perform sexual acts.  

(MIND BLOWN! How is this possible??)

Traffickers, also known as pimps, want new victims to sexually exploit. Being technologically savvy, these professional abusers use their resources to manipulate and trap innocent individuals, primarily our children. Traffickers use online tools to communicate and build trust, with the intention of strategically manipulating the young person. In doing this, they are able to eventually control them. 

Social media platforms are used against our children.

With the average person spending upwards of five hours a day on their phone, opportunity strikes for the patient predator.

Thirty seconds...

Online chatting turns into a virtual relationship. 

Loyalty and trust are created. 

Sadly, after the trafficker has targeted the victim, they begin isolating from close friends and family. 

An important step is to violate and break sexual boundaries. 

Ultimately, a meeting will occur, but only when the victim is sure that a friendship is established. 

Although traffickers still target public places like malls, restaurants, and movie theaters, they have unending resources in the digital world. Andy Connors, founder of the Genesis Project and a King County Sheriff Detective, stated, "Facebook is a predators dream...a shopping mall for pimps.

It's important to be aware that traffickers specifically use apps like Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, Kik, and similar social media platforms to acquire vulnerable individuals.  Remember, every thirty seconds, children are being lured into the sex trade because they are uneducated on the dangers. Traffickers are constantly attempting to build relationships with our kids for the purpose of exploiting them for a profit.  Teaching our children to not befriend strangers is so simple, but it can literally save lives. 

Let's change the tide and educate the innocent every thirty seconds!

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